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To conduct a search, enter the biological agent name, or partial name, into the search term field. If the search is unsuccessful, search for the biological agent under an alternate name, if one exists. Advanced searches may also be conducted on data from any of the included fields. You can click on any biological agent listed in the search results to obtain further information. Search results can be exported to a spreadsheet program, for example Excel, using the export results functionality.

Blank results indicate that the biological agent has not been assessed.

In most cases, risk group classification is indicated at the species level; however, in some cases, genus-level and strain-level classifications are listed. Please note that modification of biological agents, both natural and engineered, may change the risk group classification. In these cases, a pathogen risk assessment must be conducted.

Please contact the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for risk group classifications and import requirements for aquatic animal pathogens, bee pathogens, and plant pathogens.

For all other questions related to the risk group classification of biological agents, please contact us.

Risk group database last updated: 2024-07-19

Data dictionary
Biological agent name
Type of biological agent
Classification human
Human risk group classification, or regulated/non-regulated human toxin
Classification animal
Animal risk group classification, or regulated/non-regulated animal toxin
Security Sensitive Biological Agent. Additional security requirements apply.
Terrestrial animal pathogen under the authority of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. Pathogens affecting aquatic animals, bees, and plants are also regulated by the CFIA.
More information on considerations for containment are available for this agent.

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