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COVID-19 vaccines: Continue to take action




The word “PROTECTION” is displayed on a plain background. Each 3D letter of “PROTECTION” contains a scene.

Narration: COVID-19 vaccines have helped protect us and helped us get back to the things we missed.

In the letter “P”, a senior lifts weights. In the letter “R”, a crowd enjoys a concert. In the letter “O”, a multigenerational family prepares a meal.

In the letter “T”, friends cheer while watching a game in a sports bar. In the letter “E”, friends eat pizza at a restaurant.

In the letter “C”, friends play basketball. In the letter “T”, friends go shopping. In the letter “I”, friends dance on a dancefloor.

In the letter “O”, friends perform in a karaoke bar. In the letter “N”, friends hang out laughing on a rooftop.

Narration: Over time, that protection fades.

The letters P, R, O, T, and E fade to nothing.

The letter “A” slides in from the left.

Instead of “PROTECTION”, the word now spells “ACTION”.

Narration: Additional doses give you better protection against severe illness and potentially long-term complications.

Inside the letter “A”, a young man gets a COVID-19 vaccination. The camera zooms into the vaccination scene so it becomes full screen.

We quickly see full-screen versions of the scenes featured inside the letters at the beginning of the commercial.

Narration: Let’s continue to take action.

The camera zooms out to reveal the word “ACTION” on a plain background.

Letters “A” to “O” contain scenes featured earlier in the commercial. In the letter “N”, an airplane takes off for a flight.

Narration: Keep your COVID-19 vaccinations up to date.

Dr. Theresa Tam walks out, standing in front of the word “ACTION”.

Text on-screen: Dr. Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada

The Government of Canada logo appears.

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