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Are there common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines?




An animated collage of photos of men and women of varying ages and cultural backgrounds appears on-screen.

Text on-screen: “Are there common side effects of the COVID-19 vaccines?”

Text on-screen: Side Effects: COVID-19 Vaccines Explained

A woman in scrubs and a lab coat appears on the screen.

Text on-screen: Angela Spence-Bédard, Nurse practitioner, Nurse Practitioner Association of Canada

Angela Spence-Bédard: Like any other medication, supplement, including vitamins, vaccines can cause side effects and reactions. And it is very common to have mild to moderate side effects that can last up to a few days after getting the COVID-19 vaccine. You may feel pain at the injection site, you know whichever arm you’re getting it, or have flu-like symptoms after the vaccination as well. You can also get joint pain, sore muscles, headache, body chills, feeling tired or feverish.

Text on-screen: What about possible allergic reactions?

Angela Spence-Bédard: Severe allergic reactions are very rare and it usually happens shortly after a person receives the vaccine, and that is why we ask people, you know, stay 15 minutes after getting your vaccine so we can monitor you.

Text on-screen: How are side effects of vaccines monitored and reported in Canada?

Angela Spence-Bédard: The vaccines continue to be monitored carefully for safety and effectiveness, you know, how well it will work, after being authorized for use in Canada. And health care providers, like doctors and nurses, we are responsible and must report any reactions following vaccinations. As well, companies are also required to continuously monitor the use of their health products and report any side effects to Health Canada.

Text on-screen: Got questions?

Three speech bubbles with questions appear on the screen.

Text on-screen: Are the vaccines safe? Are the vaccines effective? What are mRNA vaccines?

Text on-screen: Good. We’ve got answers.

The Canada wordmark with waving flag appears.

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