Site-specific buffer zone calculator

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More information on applicator certification no.

Certified pesticides applicators: input your Pesticide Applicator Certification Number here. Non-certified applicators, select Not applicable.

Application details

More information on land description

Municipal lot and concession number, 911 address, GPS coordinates, or other identifying description.

More information on product name

If a tank-mix is used, choose the product with the largest buffer zone requirement for your habitats of concern.

More information on product registration no.

Four or five digit number found on the front page of the product label.

More information on application method

Chose one of:

  • Field sprayer - mechanically-drawn boom sprayers;
  • Chemigation sprayer - pressurized sprinkler irrigation systems;
  • Airblast sprayer - air-assisted fan sprayers used in orchard, vineyard and field crops; or
  • Aerial sprayer - fixed-wing or rotary-wing aircraft.

Meteorological conditions

Please fill fields above first.
More information on windspeed (km/h)

Wind speed should be measured at the site of application, at a height of 1.5 m above ground. For airblast spraying, measure upwind of the orchard.

Specific configuration

Please fill fields above first.
More information on spray quality on label

Enter the ASAE spray quality category shown on the Canadian product label, found under the Directions for Use section. If a tank-mix is used, apply using the coarsest spray quality category indicated for those tank mix partners.

More information on boom height

The height of the boom above the crop or bare ground (for pre-emergent applications). Boom heights greater than 0.6 m are considered high boom sprayers.

More information about nozzles

Select a recognized low drift nozzle and operating conditions from the list provided. For any nozzle not identified in the list please select ‘Other’ and enter the desired spray quality at application to determine your modified buffer zone.

More information on desired spray quality at application

Enter the ASAE spray quality category that you want to use at the time of spraying. It must not be finer than allowed on the product label.


Habitat for buffer zone protection

Select all sensitive habitat types that are either within, or adjacent to your planned spray area. Please specify at least one habitat.
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